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Wedding Planning [Feb. 12th, 2009|11:19 am]
[Current Location |Levittown, PA]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |Wedding Songs]

In answer to[info]terra_mardevac 's question regarding how the wedding planning is going, I figured I was due for an update anyway, so here we go.  The short answer to the question is that it is going very well, however, very busy!  For the long answer, perhaps I should start at the beginning since I have not posted to LJ since before I was even engaged..

What's the Story?

For months I was planning on asking my girlfriend, but I was waiting to go away somewhere and for the perfect opportunity.  I also had been telling her that due to the fact she was working on her Master's Degree in Counseling, any ideas of engagement or marriage should be saved until after she graduates in a few years.  I did, however, manage to figure out the perfect ring for her in random conversations over a long period of time.  Her birthday came up in September, so for her birthday, I let her choose somewhere to go on vacation since she had little to no money due to grad school expenses.  She chose Walt Disney World since she had always wanted to go and had never been there.  Our vacation was set for mid-November and was looking to be the location where the question was to be asked.  Even though the Disney thing had been done millions of times in the past, I knew that I had to ask her there and that I had to make it ours.

I had planned to do it on the first day of vacation at the Magic Kingdom just so I wouldn't lose the ring (since it was in my pocket) but we ended up at Hollywood Studios on the first day instead.  So, on the second day of our vacation, November 12, 2008, we finally made it to the Magic Kingdom.  I had several ideas on how I was going to do it, but each one was not the right mood due to the Christmas decorations that were up all over the park.. and since Sarah is Jewish.. it was definitely not the right setting.  Even with the Christmas themed park, I was able to find a way to make it special and to make it ours.

While out to dinner on vacation at Tony's Town Square Restaurant inside Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom (the restaurant from "Lady and the Tramp", also one of Sarah's favorite movies as a child), I took an eyelash off Sarah's cheek, placed it on my thumb, held it up to her face and told her to make a wish. Sarah blew the eyelash off of my thumb and made a wish. We had always done that to one another in the past.  Later in the evening, immediately after Disney's Spectro Magic Parade and firework display in front of Cinderella's Castle, I asked Sarah, already emotional and teary from being in Walt Disney World for the first time, what her wish was earlier in the evening when she blew her eyelash off of my thumb. She replied that she wasn't allowed to tell me because then the wish would not come true. I replied that we were in Disney World and wishes always come true in Disney World.  She answered that she wanted to one day be a mother and have children with me. I replied that I loved her with all my heart but in order for that to happen; we would need to first get engaged and then get married to which she agreed.

Again, any time engagement would come up in the past, I would tell her that it was several years off due to her being in graduate school. I would also tell her that since I wasn’t asking for a while, if she wanted to ask, she would need to buy me an engagement ring and ask me, which always led to a rather humorous me asking where my ring was and her answering me with the same exact question of where was her ring. This time, it happened a little different..  I then asked Sarah where my ring was to which she immediately replied asking me where her ring was. I responded again asking where my ring was because I had her ring. I then dropped to one knee, pulled the diamond engagement ring out of my pocket and asked her if she would marry me, to which she replied, "Yes, of course!" I then proceeded to place the ring on her finger in front of Cinderella's Castle. She was in total surprise and was not expecting it at all.

After the news spread to our families and friends of our engagement, it was time for our families to meet, throw an engagement party, look at catering halls, and narrow in on a date.  We knew the holidays were just around the corner, so we planned on having our engagement party in mid January to avoid the holiday rush.  During a weekend in December, we went to Long Island, NY to look at 9 catering halls with her parents and her maid-of-honor.  We went looking for a Spring 2010 date.. and after the busy weekend was over, we decided the Chateau Briand was perfect for us and we chose a 2009 date instead!  We were now booked to get married on June 28, 2009.. just 2 days after my 29th birthday (BOY AM I GETTING OLD).

From that moment on, it has been utter chaos!!!  Right away, we finished our holiday cards, ordered our engagement invitations, got engagement photos taken, updated address lists, sent out the engagement invitations, ordered the save the date cards, built a website (www.sarahandanthonywedding.com), did the holiday thing, went to our fraternity's national convention in Boston, enjoyed New Year's, attended a bridal show and other things in NY, as well as bought and ordered all the necessary things for the engagement party.. then we had our engagement party with 64 close friends and family at our home!  LOTS OF FUN!  After the "engagement party" was over.. the "after party" began with the traditional beer pong type things.  Since the party less than a month ago, Sarah found her dress and her bridesmaids’ dresses, we have booked our DJ/MC, Photographer, Videographer, Photo Journalist, Flowers, ordered our formal invitations, sent out thank you's to our engagement party guests, and are now working on clergy, limo, and various other things.  Things are going very smooth, however, very busy!

On another note, our roommate is moving out at the end of the month.. and since I shouldn't say bad things on a public forum, I can warn the poor bastard who ends up taking her in of all her malicious antics and drama, as well as several things I can show them about her malice.  If you have any questions, there are many ways you can reach me!  SAVE YOURSELF!!!  On the other hand, my sister and her fiancée' asked to move in.. because my mom is driving them nuts.  Although I was kind of craving the peace and privacy again, especially since we are getting married, Sarah was completely for it due to them being family and due to us never being home anyway.. so they are moving in the day after the current roommate moves out.  And through all the craziness, Sarah and I are still involved with APO, she still works 2 jobs and has 2 grad classes while I get to play housewife and taxi :-D (Trust me, cleaning the house and driving her everywhere is heaven and very rewarding, and I do not say that with any sarcasm).

That's the Story!

PS.  Although I rarely write in LJ, I still read everybody’s LJ every week just to keep up to date on what is going on with all of you.  Some of you are also planning weddings, congrats!  Some of you are a little depressed, I feel for you with every entry you make and hope things get a lot better.  Some of you seem to rant about things that upset you at home, while some of you hate your jobs.. I hope things get better, just keep your spirits high!  Some of you are extremely detailed in the inner-workings of your mind with desires, fears, getting older, etc.. I enjoy every bit I read and it reminds me of just how human we all are.

Thanks for reading, and take care everyone!!!

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Hi [Nov. 7th, 2008|10:36 am]
[Current Location |Somewhere in my mind]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Gin Blossoms Greatest Hits]

I just wanted to say


to everyone on LJ..
since I haven't posted in a while.

I hope things are well with everyone,
and I hope to run into you all soon!
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Baseball this weekend! [Jun. 10th, 2008|03:05 pm]

Been having a lot of fun lately, with lots more to come.

This weekend is the 10th Annual Baseball Game (With food and drinks). Looks to be a good time like every year. Lots are coming to play or watch..

even HIRO will be there! 
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<3 [Mar. 18th, 2008|04:17 pm]
[mood |lovedIn Love]
[music |Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars]

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes
There all I can see
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Finally, an update! [Feb. 20th, 2008|11:18 am]
[mood |happyhappy]

Short update, don't know if people even use LJ anymore.. but here goes!

I am getting almost $5,000 back from my tax return! I didn't owe anything to anyone, including any gains on the sell of my house since I was able to show that with all the costs of the house, it is financially a loss! I still have to copy some papers to give to Walter so he can pass them on. Next years return should be even more, especially with my increases in salary the last year or so and solely owning a house for a full year.

Starting to do some work to the new house. Getting a new heater this week, not that the old one is broken, just making home improvements.

COMCAST SUCKS MAJOR ASS! BOTH CABLE AND INTERNET!!! Thank god Verizon is finally in the area.. maybe time to switch??? Comcast High Speed Internet is eternally slow, and their customer service takes forever to get thru to.

Life has been very good for a while now. I forgot what it was like to feel free and spontaneous like a kid, it's been about 12 years or so.. I really haven't felt this good since I was like 15.

I still do the APO thing. Presenting another workshop this Saturday at Section 99's first SLED (Section Leadership Education Day). The 3 chapters I work with (Pi Rho, AZG, and Delta Rho) have been going through a lot of good changes and are growing.

Been hanging out with Andy & Sharon lately. Same with Jess, Derek, Jeanine, Orlando, and others. Been spending time with some of Sarah's friends and both our families as well. Sarah's family finally got to see the new house last month. I guess since we have been in the house for a few months, we need to have a major party like we did last summer! Oh, how I can't wait for summer! Need to go to the shore again like we did last Memorial Day Weekend. Maybe I'll try on a bikini this year as a joke.. maybe Sarah's or Jeanine's or Jess's.. hehe. OK, maybe not.

We are likely going to see a show on Broadway again soon.. and we still have to plan to go see RENT before it is finished (this June).

Sarah has been enjoying her job teaching. We went to a fundraiser for her job a few weeks back. Her coworkers seem really nice. I have been busy at work, but I like being busy. It makes the day go by so much quicker, and before you know it, I am off with Sarah somewhere.

Starting to plan two big trips, one for this year and one for next. This year is going to be Disney World and next year will be Hawaii (with Sarah, my sister, her bf, and my parents). I am sure there will be loads of small trips too.

I guess that is all for now..
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Summer 2007 Rewind! [Oct. 12th, 2007|02:11 pm]
Summer 2007 was a lot of fun! Lots happened..

1. So many parties, engagements, weddings, events, and much travel!
2. Sold my house.. and bought a new one! (But broke my foot in the move)
3. APO as always..
4. Everlasting friendships grew!

Here is a picture filled recap of my summer:

At Matt Faison's Comedy Show with the old Outlook Gang:

Amanda & Chris Rose's Engagement Party:

My 27th Birthday & Sarah's Move-In Party

9th Annual Baseball Barbecue:

Tina & CJ's (Riccardi's) Wedding:

Alpha Phi Omega National Volunteer Conference:

Rachel & Seth Moskowitz's Wedding:

Region 1 Thingamijig:

Moving Out with a Broken Foot:

Pompton Lake:

Sarah's Suprise Birthday Parties:

Alpha Phi Omega - Alpha Zeta Gamma - Zeta Pledge Class Induction

Move-In Day:

That's all for this post! Feel free to check out all my pictures at:

Photos: http://anthonymasuccijr.shutterfly.com

Or feel free to check out any of these websites or email me:

AΦΩ: http://s99.apor1.org/s99profilemasucci.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/p/Anthony_Masucci/24300630
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tony062680
Email: Tony062680@yahoo.com

Alpha Phi Omega:
Pi Rho: http://www.s99.apor1.org/pirho/
AZG: http://www.tcnj.edu/~aphio/
Section 99: http://www.s99.apor1.org/
APO: http://www.apo.org
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Coming in September.. if I remember.. [Aug. 17th, 2007|12:14 pm]
[mood |iratevengeful]

Pictures!!! So keep an eye out for them.. things just keep happening so I guess I might have to share some pictures with the world!
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If the grass looks greener.. [Jul. 6th, 2007|11:31 am]
[mood |amusedamused]

"If the grass looks greener on the other side, perhaps you should stop being a hoe."
~David Graber
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2007 in Review... Part 1 [Jun. 6th, 2007|11:07 am]
[mood |happyhappy]

Since I have not written that much in the last couple years in LJ, I figured it was about time for a really long post with plenty of pictures for your enjoyment.. here is the last 6 months of my life in review!

Slip inside the eye of my mind..

..don't you know you might find a better place to play.

As 2006 drew near to a close, I was clueless to how 2007 would start. My life hit a brick wall during the 2006 holiday season, but many friends, trips, and true love helped me regain control, focus, and desire..

I met a lot of new people during the APO National Convention in Louisville, KY. Louisville was awesome..

..I even took up a hobby of kissing Delta Rho brothers as a prank! (Who's next?)

I met a wonderful girl there too! (sorry Rob..)

That is Sarah... Moskowitz to be exact.. not to be confused with Mousekowitz, Disney's Fievel's last name. She is an alumni brother of APO from Chi Pi chapter.. with no APO nickname.. so sad! She is currently trying to get her big to name her, although a few of us have already unofficially named her brother Mouse. Others call her Sarah Version 2.0 (updated, new, and virus free), Jewish Sarah, M-Dawg, or simply my Jew-nosed girlfriend (compliments of Sarah Version 1.0). I just call her Sarah (with the correct pronunciation of the name and not the hick-sounding way). Sarah is the love of my life, I have never felt a love like this before and am so greatful she entered my life!

Living was never better than it has been in 2007. I have reacquainted with many of my friends, many of which I had not talked to in years, or just barely talked to. Many of those I didn't talk to are female for some reason..

(Lots more not pictured.. like Michelle, Carrie, Rachel T, Rachel D, Faith, Diana, Lilly, Kathy, Jen, Crystal, Lisa, etc..)

..I even traveled to random places to reacquaint with some of them, like VEGAS..

..and I was able to make new friends too!

Of course, I will always miss my old friends that I don't get to see too often like Schrader, Riccardi, Joey, Jesse, Fed, Rose, Andy, Walter, Scott, Dan, Ron, Leona, Peeples, etc.. I guess as people get older, they grow apart.. not on purpose, life just goes different ways! I miss everyone!

Others, I guess life is just better without if they feel the need to be immauure all the time and annoy the hell out of everyone they talk to.. the moral of the story is that sometimes we just need to take out the trash..

Sorry Wargo! (JK Wargo, you are NOT trash!)

Just make sure not to find yourself in embarrassing situations as you wander through life..

..but if you do, make sure you have a smile on your face!

That last picture is Hiro and I.. or Heroin (female Hero or drug?) as Sharon likes to call her, or A-Rod as my dad likes to call her, or Missy as my sister likes to call her! Either way, she's my Hiro!

Speaking of compromising positions:

Is this what APO Section 99 Staff has turned into???

In the past 6 months, I have traveled to Louisville KY, Las Vegas NV, Atlantic City NJ..

..Fredonia, NY..

(The last picture sparked so much controversy on Facebook thanks to Melissa, Nicole, and Jess from Pi Rho.. they asked where was my hand was placed??)

..Niagara Falls, CANADA..

..Edison, NJ..


..Hartford, CT..


..Philadelphia, PA..

(The last picture... I fell asleep at one of the MANY APO conferences I attended recently)

..New York City, Long Island, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, Rochester, Six Flags Great Adventure..

..Allentown, PA..

And MANY other places. A lot of the traveling was APO related..

Kappa Beta Petitioning Kappa Epsilon above (notice mostly girls)

Theta Alpha Petitioning NJIT above (notice mostly boys)

Kappa Beta Inish above

Section 89 SLED above

Section 97 Relay above

All this traveling had its price to pay.. I have never been pulled over so many times by the police for speeding, driving on the shoulder during traffic, or parking. I have been in court more times than I can count for these violations. Speeding is not the only thing I have done wrong lately.. how about a 3 chapter involvement of kidnapping Wargo, or having knowledge that Wargo was going to kidnap O'Grady for his birthday and doing nothing to stop it (as my leadership position as his Liaison, it is my job to prevent hazing).

Speaking of APO and TCNJ.. they are growing strong, we have a lot to work on in the upcoming year though..

Also speaking of leadership.. things on the job front are going well. My supervisor and boss both just retired and I got a promotion to my old supervisor's title! A lot of people hate their jobs, but I love mine. People at work always make the job enjoyable. Especially Dave with his factoids!

Has everyone had the opportunity to meet Boing, or his twin brother, Double Boing??

Boing is Chi Pi's mascot.. and is very loveable. Boing was given to Chi Pi's Kate (My IC-Big) by Sarah and Kate deemed it the chapter's mascot! Don't be caught of guard if he BOINGS you!

I have been continuing my learning of all religions, lately learning about Judaism! There is much to be admired from the Jewish religion..

(Passover Week, Seder at the Moskowitz's and the weekend at my house making things with matzos)

Friday, April 6, 2007 was very hard. It was Passover, so I couldn't really eat much, it was also Good Friday, so I couldn't eat meat, I gave up soda for lent, and I gave up caffeine for Sarah (to help her along with her having to give up caffeine).

Sarah is amazing, I would do anything for her!

I wouldn't ever hurt her.. you know, beat her with a metal baseball bat, stab her in the heart, and bury her in the back yard. I wouldn't hurt her emotionally either, she deserves the best. I am not a crackhead.. in case you heard I was! Never done a single drug in my live and never smoked anything either.. hell, didn't even drink until I was 23!

Just don't piss me off..

..or I might step on your phone and break it!!!

I found it very easy to turn back time and fix the things in the past I didn't like or don't want to remember.. so my house is on the market (I plan on moving into an apartment with my wonderful girlfriend), I'm happy and in so much love finally, and I finally graduated with Joey!

OK... maybe I didn't graduate with Joey, but he finally graduated after 9 years in college! I took my cap and gown to his graduation to get a graduation picture with my college roommate! Also I was able to get a "graduation" picture with my wonderful girlfriend and was able to put her picture and mine together... I will probably work on the coloring a bit more in my spare time. Computers are wonderful sometimes..

So alas, my life has been very fun, free, and enjoyable! This 'neat freak' took neat to a whole new level. My house is spotless, my office is neat, and my hair is short. Not to mention that my grocery orders are usually free or under $5.00! Just look at all my coupons:

My filing system rocks! This week alone I got 12 2 liters of Soda, 30 bottles of Suave Shampoo, 10 boxes of Ice Pops, 20 rolls of Paper Towels, 30 tubes of Toothpaste, 20 bags of Lays chips and Doritos, Purdue chicken, medicine, and much, much, more for absolutely FREE!!!

Before I forget, the 9th Annual Baseball Game is coming up on Saturday, July 7, 2007:

We will be playing in the same place as years past and we will be starting around 11am. Let me know if you are coming! There will be a barbecue, and please remember to bring your own beer!!! Guys and girls welcome to play!

Fitch Elementary School
101 Greenbrook Dr
Levittown, PA 19054


That's all for this post! Feel free to check out all my pictures at:

Photos: http://photos.yahoo.com/tony062680

Or feel free to check out any of these websites or email me:

AΦΩ: http://s99.apor1.org/s99profilemasucci.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/p/Anthony_Masucci/24300630
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tony062680
Email: Tony062680@yahoo.com

I will have a more serious post next time..

Until then, feel free to check out my summer calendar:

Thu 06/07/2007 - Live Concert in NJ
Sat 06/09/2007 - Fed's Birthday Bash in NJ
Sat 06/09/2007 - Franks Bachelor Party in Southern NJ and Philly
Fri 06/15/2007 - Rider Alumni Weekend in Lawrenceville, NJ
Fri 06/15/2007 - Matt Faison's Standup Comedy in Croydon, PA
Sat 06/16/2007 - Chris Rose's Engagement Party in Levittown, PA
Sun 06/17/2007 - Seth Moskowitz's Couples Bridal Shower on Long Island
Sun 06/17/2007 - Father's Day
Sat 06/23/2007 - Anthony's Birthday Bash / Sarah's Move-In Pool Party in Levittown, PA
Tue 06/26/2007 - My 27th Birthday!!!
Sat 06/30/2007 - Jen's Graduation Party in NJ
Sat 06/30/2007 - Rider Alumni Bar A in NJ
Sat 06/30/2007 - Kappa Beta Baseball game in Brooklyn, NY
Sat 07/07/2007 - 9th Annual Baseball Game in Levittown, PA
Sat 07/07/2007 - Chris Riccardi's Bachelor Party in Philly
Sun 07/08/2007 - APO AZG Yankee's Fellowship in NY
Sat 07/14/2007 - Seth Moskowitz's Ufruff on Long Island
Sat 07/14/2007 - Chris Riccardi's & Tina's Wedding in PA
Sat 07/15/2007 - Mr. Moskowitz's Birthday on Long Island
Sat 07/21/2007 - Kim's Barbecue in CT
Thu-Mon 07/26-30/2007 - APO National Volunteer Conference in Independence, MO
Sun 08/05/2007 - Seth Moskowitz's and Rachel's Wedding in Philly
Sometime in August - Broadway
Fri-Sun 8/24-26/2007 - APO Region 1 Thingamijig in Bolton, MA
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Life and Love [Apr. 24th, 2007|03:42 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]

I feel as if I have just awoken from a deep coma. My mind was numb and my life was frozen for the longest time. My life before this has been very content, structured, and programed. I feel as if I was following a path just because the path was right in front of me to follow. I was alright, nothing more, nothing less. The bad things in life I ignored so I wouldn't get hurt, and the good things in life I neglected. I was far too naive to understand what it meant to live and love. I thought life was supposed to be the way it was layed out. Every time in the past I had to make a decision, I decided to follow the same path and settle for what I had known.

I was faced with the same heart-aching decision I have had to face several times in my past. I started to wander down the same path to fight for what I was used to. Instead, I confided in family for strength and my friends for distraction. After the holidays had passed, and the "most wonderful time of the year was over", my heart-ache started to lift and a new life was starting to bloom. I had hope and confidence for a healthy future.

Through it all, I had traveled to new places, met so many wonderful people, and tried a lot of new things. My eyes are more open than they have ever been before. This year, I have also met a wonderful love.. one that is very pure and true. One with trust and honesty. One that completes me. I have never felt this way before. I don't think I ever really understood what love was. I thought I did. I now know what love feels like. Love is so many wonderful things. Love is wanting to give yourself completely, love is being willing to look silly, love is not hiding your true feelings, love is all the little things in life, love is driving hundreds of miles every day just to watch tv with them or have dinner with them, love is always being there when you are needed, love is everything one needs in life, and love is so much more..

Sarah Rebecca Moskowitz, you are my best friend and the love of my life. In the time that I have known you, you have shown me many wonderful things about life and love. I can confidently say that you and I are meant to be together forever. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you with all my heart.. <3

12/28/06 - Thank you for entering my life..
3/25/07 - Thank you for stealing my heart..

A lot of people have a hard time letting go of their past. Through every experience I have lived through, it has helped me become a better man. I learn more and more every day. Life is all about love and giving. You cannot truly be happy until you have completely given yourself to something.. or someone. Sarah Moskowitz, I give you myself completely, forever. I know you will take care of me, as I will take good care of you. Moving on is probably one of the hardest things one can do.. but it is also the most rewarding. I have been taught something about life and I want to go on learning. And I want you to go on learning with me, together.. forever.

Two roads diverged in a wood, And I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
~Robert Frost (1875-1963)
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